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The application intended to earn the real redeemable money while downloading an application on the website by performing various activities is referred as AppNana. Now a day’s people surf the internet for various reasons such as downloading content, signing up for applications, searching a video on youtube and checking e-mail regularly. On doing all such work on the internet you get points which can be redeemed for various domain needs such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Games and in-game currency.

It is very clear that these redeemed points are in an endless process. Comprising all these happenings, you need to think about the best and its worst part. The best part is very simple and the worst part is it takes very long time to save up any decent amount in our account. But unfortunately, many of these applications pay a very little amount to AppNana hack based applications. This frustrating situation is due to a long time took even a week or months to earn enough money in order to redeem your points. To be frank, most of the users quit the application half way for earning enough points to make the redemption. The more amount of money has to be earned and more points to be redeemed are up to the earning potential of the person who uses the AppNana application.

Problem beyond AppNana

Most People use AppNana application for hacking and to redeem more points by performing some operations over the Internet such as creating  YouTube videos with few improper keywords like “hack appnana”, “how to hack appnana”, “appnana codes etc. Even though people create videos like this, they have fake proofs for the same.  People tried to earn more and more points by referring the users to signing up in the applications. This scenario has spoiled the entire AppNana community which in turn lacks trust with the advertisers who pay Real Money to AppNana Hackers.

These drawbacks cause the AppNana to  reduce the amount of points that a person can earn for an action in AppNana application. Finally, our suggestion is if the quality of the user is increased, AppNana and its Advertisers deserve to pay more amount than the pay currently they do. The remedy for this problem is  instead of hurting the whole community by tainting it with lower quality users or traffic and causing more inflation you can contribute a new trick. You can generate Nana’s generator you would able to hack AppNana  irrespective of  its losing not even the money but what they earn on every completion.

The technical mystery behind Hacking

The application of AppNana works in its simplest and exploitable way.  The AppNana hackers work with cloud server technology exactly like other hacking methods. It has the ability to automate several tasks at the same time, so it is working in a quick fashion too. AppNana applications are driven by  MySQL database in order to store all of its user information, so we search the database to identify the user authentication code. Exactly like a password, the user authentication code can be used to log into the intended user account. Since AppNana downloads more than several applications on an emulated sessions of an Android operating environment through Blue Stacks and finishes a selection of offers, later you can view the final Nana value.